To become a global leader in providing Geo-Science and Engineering services to companies in the Oil and Gas sector.


At SeaSeis, our focus is:



At SeaSeis, we have a convergence of empowered people that believe in their collective ability and strength as a team. This peculiar mix of experience, expertise and character is our greatest asset.


Our ability to meet and exceed clients’ expectations over the years is as a result of a focused team, formidable partnerships, experience and corporate integrity.


SeaSeis; a Geo-Science and Engineering services company is dedicated to fulfilling the Nigeria Content Development (NCD) requirements explicitly stipulated in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development (NOGICD) Act.Consequently, an NCD team is constituted within the organization to drive the implementation of these requirements. This team is fully supported by the top management and it absolutely reflects the philosophy of the organization about the Nigerian Content Capacity Development.To accomplish this obligation, SeaSeis will abide by the following guidelines in its operations;

  • Establish the maximum degree of local contractors’ participation practicable without compromising company objectives, operational efficiency, technical integrity and international standards.
  • Compliance with industry standard across all areas of operation is a requirement for vendor registration.
  • Train personnel in all related operations such that similar works in the future will attain increasingly higher levels of Nigerian involvement.
  • Maximize the potential for project revenues to remain and grow in Nigeria.
  • Management enforces strict and absolute compliance of the Act on Human Resource, procurement and legal/contract department.