To become a global leader in providing Geo-Science and Engineering services to companies in the Oil and Gas sector.


At SeaSeis, our focus is:



At SeaSeis, we have a convergence of empowered people that believe in their collective ability and strength as a team. This peculiar mix of experience, expertise and character is our greatest asset.


Our ability to meet and exceed clients’ expectations over the years is as a result of a focused team, formidable partnerships, experience and corporate integrity.


SeaSeis Geophysical is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment for its staff and clients, protecting the general public, the environment and preserving company’s’ assets.

At SeaSeis, the implementation of HSEQ policies is top management responsibility, and this is the key to the successful delivery of all SeaSeis’ projects.

Our outstanding HSEQ performance is achieved through;

  • The leadership of management and commitment of personnel to the policies and plans
  • Prompt distribution and use of resources to implement the policies and plans
  • Proactive approach to identify and eliminate risks associated with projects
  • Monitoring and audit of HSEQ performance
  • Periodic reviews of policies and plans, and implementation of lesson learnt from accidents, incidents and near misses.
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